Organic Aeroponic nutrient

I have avoided using any non-organic fertilizer and pesticides bought from shop for rooftop gardening. I have been using organics like kitchen compost, vermicompost, coffee grounds and tea extracts as fertilizers and ginger/chili/garlic/turmeric concoctions as pesticides. When i started aeroponics, I was tempted to use non-organic fertilizers because predominantly they were used for hydroponic and aeroponic systems and i couldn’t find any references to usage of organic nutrient in aeroponics.

But, i stuck with my organic way of gardening no matter what the result is. Never had great results from using panchagavya in conventional rooftop gardening. But surprisingly, in Aeroponics, panchagavya is giving good results. So, I prepared my own Panchagavya… a much cheaper version. 1 ltr panchagavya is sold ranging from Rs.100 to 500 in shops and online. My ingredients:

Fresh Cow Dung – 1 kg
ripe Bananas – 2
Sugarcane Juice – 400 ml
Milk – 200 ml
Curd – 100 ml
Groundnut cake – 200 gms
Neem cake – 50 gms

Have used groundnut cake instead of ghee. I believe ghee is used to increase stickiness when panchagavya is used as foliar spray. Since, panchagavya is mixed in water and applied as nutrient to the roots, i replaced ghee with groundnut cake. Ground nut cake is cheap as well as has lot of nutrients. Traces of neem cake is added to act as fungicide because i have heard a few farmers say that panchagavya encourages fungal infections. Skipped cow urine as i just couldn’t get it. All quantities are approximate.

My aeroponic reservoir has 20 ltr capacity. Adding 30 ml panchagavya in 20 ltr water seems to be giving good results. I guess i have been using too much of panchagavya in container gardening. That could be one of the reasons why results were not good in soil media container gardening.

Jasmine plant transplanted from soil to aeroponics have started blooming.

Jasmine Blooming

Ladies finger or okra (my most favorite vegetable) has started to show out the roots.

Okra rooting

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