Putting Electronics and Instrumentation degree to use after 14 years

14 years after completing my engineering, old memories of electronics and instrumentation are being rekindled!

All these days i have been slogging and still slogging in IT calling myself Peoplesoft Consultant. My plants has been my stress reliever and keeps me from ageing, backache and heartburn… do get some sunburn though.

After indulging in kitchen gardening, bottle gardening, and rooftop gardening, i have now landed in Aeroponics. Aeroponics is a perfect platform where both Electronics and Instrumentation are put to use. Feeling energized to once again play with pumps, pressure switches, thermostats and electronic circuits. I’m setting up a simple high pressure Aeroponics system. Will explain more details in the upcoming posts. Here is a high level design of my first attempt.


Simple High pressure Aeroponics high level design

High pressure diaphragm pump is used. Nutrient solution is stored in the reservoir. The pump is triggered in regular intervals by the timer and the nutrient solution is sprinkled on roots. The unused nutrient solution is sent back to reservoir by gravity. No wastage of water except very little through transpiration.

If this succeeds, planning to introduce pressure tanks, pressure switches and nutrient solution cooling systems.


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